Monday, 29 March 2010

Mephedrone To be Made Illegal.

The British government is planning on making the drug Mephedrone illegal today by putting it in to ther Class B category after "several" people have died after taking it. Yeah ok cool. Im going to play devils advocate here and ask why they are doing this? Have the government done any tests to see if these people had an underlying illness which coupled with this drug caused their deaths or did they just find the drug in their system and deside that was the cause.

Yes I know its a drug and it kills people, maybe Im being stupid but I cant figure out why out why the government is all fired up about banning this substance when they are only too happy with the amount of people dying every year from tabacco and smoking related illnesses which statisticly kills many more people. I cant help but wonder if it be anything to do with the vast amount of revenue our not at all currupt government collects from the taxation of said product?

Then there is the yearly death toll from alcohol related illnesses. Again could the lack of action taken by our government be anything to do with the amount of money they claw back from taxing this product?

Anyway, its just a thought.

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  1. If my understanding of things is right Mephedrone is a plant food?

    Further to that I would imagine that Mephedrone sold as plant food probably contains some kind of wanring not to ingest it or suffer the consequences??

    In which case why penalise the vast majority of people who use it for it's intended purpose for those who are stupid enough to ignore warnings on the packet?

    It's like making petrol illegal because a few people died after drinking it in my opinion. Yet another government, nanny state, knee jerk, publicity conscious reaction.

    The result of which will no doubt force a number of resource consuming police initiatives in order to clamp down on users but will be targeted in blanket way making life more awkward for non-offenders.