Monday, 29 March 2010

Hair today, Gone tomorrow?

My hair is getting on my nearves. For the past few years I have had short to no hair. It was great, I could get up in the morning, get ready and go down stairs walking past the mirror in the passageway, the wind didnt worry me, no matter how strong it was. Then a few month ago I thought it would be a good idea to grow my hair. A little game if you like to see who could last the longest, me or my wife.  So far it looks like my wife is going to win. Every time I go into the kitchen I am tempted to get the clippers out of the cupboard and lop the lot off but if I were to do that my wife would win and we cant have that can we. Can we?
On another note, one of my new years resolutions this year was to get into shape.  Even start running at some point. The thing is I have not taken any real exercise for at least three maybe four years, if I was not a bloke you would think I was at least seven month pregnant to look at my belly. On Friday our Abs disk was delivered which has kind of started everything off. It recommends that you use it two to three times a day for three minutes, of course me being Man I used it for 15 minutes on Friday night and about 20+ minutes on Sunday night. I ache now, my back, ribs and for some obscure reason my arms all hurt.
Getting back to the running thing, because I have the gift of asthma I am going to have to start slowly and build up my distance over time. well if David Becham can have asthma and still play football I can run a bit. Im going to start with a run to the end of the street and back (I live on a small street), building it up to round the block gradually making the "round the block" up so that the block I run round increases to the point were I am running into town which is only about a five mile round trip. Im thinking of geting my eldest to run with me to give me the incentive of "I cant look bad in front of my son" thing.
Moving on to another subject. A few weeks ago I had a cull of all the posts that I had made which should never have made it past the drafts stage, last week as some of you might have noticed my blog broke again, the only way I could get it back on line was for me to delete everything on my server and start over. When I did this I lost everything so technically Its jims is only about a week old again. All the posts that are on my blog now have been copied over from my account which of course dont include the posts I have made here from about January 2010 I think, my stats and everything started again from last week. Because of this when I get a chance I am going to delete all the posts I have made before January 2010 or even later and start over. New Blog, well im thinking I might as well as all the posts that are here now have missing pictures and broken links.
If you want to see the stuff I have posted over the last 4 years you should go to

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