Monday, 29 March 2010

First No Sleep post of 2010

Me hair made it through the evening and remains firmly in place on my head, probably because I have not had the time to cut it. Maybe I will cut it later today.

Its 02:15 in the morning at the moment, as we thought baby Boo is not well, full of snot and sneezes and teething all at the same time. She is sleeping in my arm at the moment, with any luck she will stay like this for a while to give me a chance to finish this post and get to bed for a bit. I have to be up around 6- 6:30 for work so that's about four hours sleep with any luck. then spend the rest of the day eating coffee and washing it down with random energy drinks..

I didnt do any excersize last night, didnt have the time, but I have managed to get another freeking mouth ulcer, groovy just when I thought I had gotten rid of them. Anyway baby Boo moth looks like she has settled so Im going to push my luck and see if I can get her in her cot and go to bed my self.

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