Friday, 6 November 2009

Would I Complain?

And its all over for another year. No, you havn`t missed Christmas. Im talking about bon fire night. As with every year my dogs were scared stiff, lost all control of their bladders and tried as hard as they possibly could to squeeze into the smallest corner as far away as possible from the noise as they could get, only to have fireworks go off in a different garden so starting the process off all over again. Still its all done now. Im not going to complain because there is no point in it and I am not going to "slag" it off.

I have been told by a person I know that I am miserable because I dont like fire works or Christmas. If it was up to me the world would be black and white, because all I do is complain and "slag things off" on my website. I have to admit as well as being taken back a bit by this comment it did upset me. I never thought that my blog is full of complaining and me moaning about stuff. (If anyone makes a comment saying it is Im gonna delete it and complain).

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