Friday, 6 November 2009

Why your reading this..

If your reading this from Nosceres World Blogs feeling just a little bit confused I am sorry. the thing is there was a problem on the Nosceres World you knew so well and, of course it was my charge to try and fix said issue. So I went through the usual fixes which were fruitless, "so" I thought to myself as I logged into my FTP "what am I going to do next", first things first I backed everything up just incase. This is the point everything went wrong after about half of my files went missing, floating somewhere in cyberspace as we speak. I sat not knowing quite what to do, I could not reinstall Wordpress it would take too long. Then it came to me.. redirect my blog first bring everyone here untill I get everything fixed. So there you go. Thats why your here. Nosceres World has been fixed and at the moment is just waiting for everything to be updated. Once all the updates are in place I will be resetting the redirect to my blogs new location. Once this has been done Im not sure what is going to become of this site. Those of you who have just registered here and started off your blogs, I appologise in advance if you loose any data in the move.

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