Friday, 6 November 2009

Updates and Backdates

On Friday (at long last) I got my copy of Windows 7. Rushing home from work I booted up my desktop and backed up the stuff I wanted to keep, Putting my W7 disk into the computer I waited for something to happen, after about a couple of seconds a screen popped up welcoming me to Windows 7 and asking me if I wanted to upgrade my OS or do a format and install, I eagerly clicked on Format and Install and waited as my dvd drive wurred into action the screen telling me it was backing everything up. About 15 or so minutes into the install I decided in my wisdom to boot up my laptop at the same time so I could potter about the interwebs and update everyone on the install on facebook and twitter. As soon as I plugged in the power supply to my laptop the power through the house tripped off. Squealing like a demented pig I rushed off to the trip switch under the stairs and turned it back on. Rebooting my desktop computer and laptop I started the W7 install again. (Not impressed a bit I must add). About an hour or so later the install finished with the heart stopping message saying Install failed, system does not meet minimum requirements required. I have not said but my desktop is running Windows XP and yest I know I cant upgrade from XP to W7 which is why I went for the Format and install approach. Almost in tears I downloaded a compatibility program from Microsoft which gloatingly told me I didnt have enough ram.. So.. Thinking on my feet I installed the bugger on my laptop which was successful. I have not had alot of time to have a proper play with it yet although my wife when asked tells me its "ok". From what I have seen of it so far it does look very nice. One thing I did notice is that my web browser did have some issues playing Flash once it was installed, infact is didnt have a problem it just would not play it full stop. After a little bit of messing about I found that running my browser (Google Chrome) in compatability for Windows Vista fixed the problem

A friend of mine at work over the week end set out to see if he could make W7 crash by running two video`s a game streaming a video, playing some music and writing a word doc at he same time, he was happy to report his "Low spec" laptop did all of this without a problem, while my Desktop which is a higher spec can not even get the bugger installed!!.. Go figure..

Saturday I finally bit the bullet and reinstalled windows XP on my desktop which may I add now works fine, all the problems have vanished, my desktop is like a new computer once again.

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