Friday, 6 November 2009

Time Travel and Teleportation "is" Possible

Ever thought about Time travel? Or being able to teleport to work, school or down to Asda to get some milk. Ever thought that it might actually be possible or that there are boffins actually looking into this kind of stuff today? They are, and there are already theories on how time travel is possible and whats even better, they have proof. Teleportation? The same, though it is in its very early stages, it is possible and happening somewhere in the world right now as you sit reading this.

_46559120_timecomp_afpgetty_466I love this kind of stuff. Years ago I used to read books on Quantum mechanics and quantum theory when I had nothing better to do. (What? You meen to tell me you dont?) Anyway I found something posted on the site which will, if your not used to this kind of thought process pop your mind. The Good news as I said up there in paragraph one is that this stuff "is" possible and "is" being worked on now, today. The bad news is that it will probably not be ready and available for about another 4-5oo years that is unless the post offices stop going on strike every friking Christmas. (You noticed that, every year, about this time, you are guaranteed a few thing. James Bond movies, Oliver or Mary Poppins movies, more Christmas themed cartoons and movies than you can shake a holy branch at and industrial action by our once great postal workers) Anyway back to the topic in question. Is your interest pricked? if I have got you thinking you need to click "here" and be impressed. Oh one more thing, I speak on behalf of all the tens of thousands of Star Trek and DS9 fans who have been the object of ridicule for countless decades when I say "We told you so!"

For those of you who do not want to take the red pil and wish to return to your normal mundane lives here is a picture of a cat.

Schrodingers Cat

Schrodingers Cat

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