Friday, 6 November 2009

Theme changes

Yep I have changed my theme yet again, this is becoming a regular thing it seems. This time I have my reasons, I noticed today that for some reason when I uploaded photo`s to my gallery they were broken, so after trying (unsuccesfully)to fix said broken jpegs I gave up and wentback to using picasa, when I reset my gallery page it messed up the page it was on, the theme I am using now is fine with the gallery.

Other news. It was my sons 7th birthday today, after school we took him and a few of his friends to Mr. Twisters, a soft play area were they could run wild and have some fun. They seemed to enjoy them selves which was good. When we picked up Boo from her nana`s we came home ready to relax for a while when one of my sons friends came a knocking whith his mom (one of my wifes good friends), his brother, Dad and sister. While the kids played on their Nintendos, and my sons friends sister updated her facebook cafethe grown upstalked, or rather bitched about teachers and the like.

All in all its been a good day, the kids had fun which was the main thing. I have finaly bitten the bullet and have joined Facebook, (not to whore my blog funnely enough) and am currently waiting for my energy levels to raise in Vampyre Wars. Tomorrow my wife is taking advantage of me not being at work by going on a shopping mission with a few of her friends. Thats it for now.


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