Friday, 6 November 2009

The Explination.

Explanation time I think. A long time ago in a galaxy far away.. No really for whatever reason today my blog (as it was) started having problems with comments, when you clicked on a comment you and I would get a 404 error. In a vain attempt to fix the error I first of all repaired the sites sql database which did nothing at all. So I figured I would try and reinstall wordpress in the root directory. Needless to day I moved the original install to a backup folder just in case things went wrong, which is were everything "did" go wrong with only some of the files being moved, the rest of them are as we speak floating around somewhere in cyber space. As far as I know they are still out there.

After saying one or two four letter words I decided to just start over and reinstall wordpress from scratch (luckily I had backed up all my posts two days ago). Remember the post I made a while back were wordpress would not install in my root directory and I had to get technical support for my server host to do it? Click here if you cant remember. Anyway it was the same thing again, this time however instead of contacting Tech support I thought I would try and get Wordpressmu up and running, well.. It was worth a try. First I had to create an install folder then install it into the folder. To my surprise it worked, so I decided to push my luck a bit further and see if I could install Buddypress and low and behold that worked too. Next I moved all my themes and plugins back to their relevant folder, sorted out my blog roll and now here I sit with a "large" glass of Blossom Hill writing this.

To be far I did want to have a Wordpressmu powered blog but I did not think it would end up being my main site. At the moment I know it looks kind of plain but you need to remember that it was only March 2008 that Andy Peatling, the creator of Buddypress joined Automattic full time (source). around a year and a half later its available. If I am honest I am rather excited to see were Wordpressmu and Buddypress go and to see how Nosceres World evolves now that its powered by them.

I think I have gone on a bit too long now. With any luck I wont get too many errors that end up with half a servers worth of coding escaping on me, And if it does, hey I will just start over.

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