Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nosceres World Update

As some of you might know I have been working on upgrading my blog to Wordpress mu and Buddypress. Well appart from a few little bits that still need to be done it is all but finished. I have to say I am impressed with the end product. If I explain what you can get or what I now have available on Nosceres World.

Let me put it this way, those of you who use Wordpress.com will know that all you need to do is register with WP.com, create a blog by coming up with a catchy name, you know the rest I know. The end product is your own blog "yourblog.wordpress.com", Some time back Matt the creator of Wordpress in his infinite wisdom releaced the code for Wordpress as open source calling it wordpressmu. once you have this installed and working on your blog you have the ability to host as many blogs as you see fit, just like WP.com each blog (in my case) would look like "yourblog.nosceresworld.co.uk/blogs". Im rambling I know. People who register with your blog can also create their very own blog on your blog.

But this is not all, Matt also had a hand in creating something called Buddypress, which once installed and up and running properly turns your blog into a kind of social network were your subscribers, bloggers, authors and the rest can talk to each other by private message, the forum or via their blogs. You have your very own profile page with status updates, basically its like Facebook/Myspace and the others and you being the blog host (Admin) run it all. Is this making any sense at all?

Ultimately you still have your blog, but instead of your blog being a limited two way form of media were you make the post and your visitors comment on your rambles, with Wordpressmu and Buddypress you can build a community around your blog, were your subscribers have more input, no longer just a subscriber or an author but part of your blog.

If you have not noticed yet I like i [...]


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