Monday, 9 November 2009

John and Edward saved.. Again!?

simon_cowellThe X factor. Where should I start? I know its going to be all over the papers, the news and on the radio but Simon, yes you Mr Simon Cowell, what were you thinking? Last night you had the ideal opportunity to send John and Edward home, their fate was in your hands and what did you do? You dead locked the voting taking it to a public vote. I mean I am no musical guru and I don’t own my own record label and even I can see when someone’s singing talents are so very inferior when matched with another singer such as Lucie Jones, so why oh why did you put them to the public vote when you know for a fact that John and Edward those Irish cherubs would have more votes than a singer who could, well sing. You have said it your self, John and Edward are getting the kids votes were as Lucie is appealing to a more adult audience.

I realise that you have an image to protect and you need to keep the fans of X factor hating you and talking about you and what you have said and done to massage your own ego, but doing what you did in Sundays show defies logic, no honestly I don’t understand what was going through your head when right from the start you have not had a good word to say about either of them, lets face it, they are Car crash entertainment viewing and you yes "you" keep them in the show and sent a girl who although might not have won the competition did deserve to stay in it home. You must be getting some sort of pay off to keep them in, what do they have on you Simon?

Lucie JonesI have no idea what Lucie is thinking now, or what she though last night. It is bad enough that she was kicked off the show but to loose t [...]

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