Friday, 6 November 2009

I want a nice theme

Maybe its because Im running Buddypress now but for some reason I keep expecting people to register. Maybe I need to concentrate on what I do best and carry on writing random posts on absoluit garbage.

One thing I have noticed is that the default theme I am using at the moment seems kind of bland and well sterile. Im going to have to get some life into my posts. Unfortunately because Buddypress is still in its early stages there are not alot of themes out there, there are some but for what ever reason the ones I have found dont work or arnt what Im looking for, either that or I am installing them incorrectly. Most of the themes that are available for Wordpressmu will work on my blog without a problem but if I use them I loose the buddy press options.

Im going to have a look later on to see if I can sort something out with this place so that I can have a half decent looking blog without loosing buddy press or its functions. Nothing to worry about, all Im going to do is copy the links that Buddypress is using at the moment and see if I can add them to a new blog roll on my new theme. If it works then we "should" have a half decent looking home page and still have the social structure of Buddypress. Fingers crossed...

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