Friday, 6 November 2009

Happy Birthday Con

Its 11:52 pm GMT 11:53 now, by the time I have finished writing this post and have clicked the little blue publish button, it will be one of my cherubs 7th birthday. I have taken the next two days off work, tomorrow so I that Im not working while my son is out of school and Friday because I can. Im not sure how the morning will go, no doubt it will start early. When Con finishes school we are taking him and his brothers to Mr Twisters, a soft play area were they can run riot and jump around in ball pools and what have you. ( his lil` sister Boo is staying at her Nana`s). From what I hear some of his friends from school are comming as well, so with any luck he should have a good time. Happy Birthday Con

If any of you followed my twitters on Monday morning you would have known I was at the dentist again getting two of my teeth pulled out, Im not going to go into too much detail except to say the bleeding has stopped and Ibuprofen pain killers rule.

Thats it for now, Boo has gone back to sleep so Im going to have a look through the plug ins I have here at Nosceres World and see what I dont need, Im sure I dont need three different youtube plug ins. Nope, I can hear Boo again... Gonna be a long night.

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