Friday, 6 November 2009

Bon Fire Night

Its that time again, the day that spoils my favorite time of year is here were most of the UK return to their Celtic pagan origins and burn effigies on the top of huge fires made up from odd bits of rubbish and wood that people have found as well as all fencing within a three mile radius. There will be organised firework displays as well as private ones were people have paid at least two months wages to buy.

On top of all this the bangs, fizzes and all the noise scare the crap out of my dogs, literally. Then there are the cats who will spend half of the night trying to find somewhere to hide.

What I dont understand is the whole 5th of November thing anyway, I know its all about a bloke a couple of hundred years ago who was caught trying to blow up the houses of parliament but what I cant get is why we celebrate someone "failing" to blow them up.

Yep, I really do not like November 5th at all, too much hassle. K I'm going off on a slight tangent here but have you noticed how fast Christmas gets here once November hits us, oh the joys of Christmas, random kids knocking on the door singing the first three words of a Christmas carol then bursting into fits of giggles and expecting you to give them something other than a smack in the mouth or a face full of front door.

(Note: This post did originally go on for another two to three paragraphs but I deleted them as I went off on a rather large and unfluffy rant).

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