Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Youtube Sabotage My Video`s

Im not happy at the moment, in fact I have a major issue. Im not happy with Youtube, let me tell you why. A year or so back I made a video showing pictures of people who for what ever reason we as "normal" people look down on, be they disables, alternative, gay, muslim, or what ever, I used the song "We are beautiful by Christin Aguilara". Last night I went to post said video on my TV chanel NTV to find Youtube had removed the video from public viewing because of copyright. What made it worse is that if those who are trolling through all the videos on Youtube would have noticed at the end of the video that I did actually credit Ms Aguilara for the track that I had used. I will give Youtube some credit though, they gave me a choice of loads of songs that I could use which of course would be totally out of context with the theme of the video.

There is a button you can click called "I feel lucky" were youtube will pick a track at random as the audio for your video, so I click it and the song I am given as a theme for my video (bearing in mind the video was about people who are not accepted as the "norm" by society) was Thriller by Michael Jackson! I meen WTF!? Anyway, needless to say I will be moving any future video`s.


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