Monday, 12 October 2009

My monthly clear out

Actually is been more than a month, probably more thana year if I am honest. Ok more like about two years I admit it. Tonight after a late tea of Pizza I decided to purge my blog of all tags, categories and add ons that I either have never used or not likely to use in the future, the add ons were deleted if I had another one that did the same job. I have deleted the sites cache on the server and messed about with the colour scheme a bit after having to google CSS colours. Finaly after much humming and harring deciding on a nice Ghost white colour for my side bars, different and yet not too over powering. Other things I have done include finally putting some meta tags into my blog and getting rid of the "as it happened news" thing.

Im in for a busy week ahead so Im going to keep this post short and get the dishes washed and the kids shoes out ready for the morning. Tomorrow, first thing I have a dental appointment "again" to get two teeth pulled out this will leave me with a total of two teeth that will meet so I can eat (groovy). I will of course keep everyone upto date of my pain via twitter so you can "Follow me" as I get through a day at work with a monged gob. On the subject of work I am heading to work as soon as I leave the dentist, but will be leaving early as I have the dreaded parent teacher meeting thing at about 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, with any luck I will be able to feel my face again and my mouth will have stopped bleeding.

Tuesday, I think is a free day for me so I will be at work, must admit I am looking forward to my lunch break on Tuesday. Chicken curry pies mmmm Curry. (Gods sake I sounded like Scribbler there.

Wednesday is another free day if my failing memory serves me right.

Thursday is a day off for me and one of my broods 7th birthday. He is not looking forward to it as we have told him his birthday has been cancelled due to him not being a [...]

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