Friday, 9 October 2009

Make it smaller and charge more: Asda?

I tell you what, you lot are being spoiled tonight, three posts and Matrix Reloaded is on TV while I start to type out my fourth. I do spoil you. But boys, girls and those of you of mixed or no gender, I am troubled. I have of late been pondering things, like How did some bloke in America win a prize for doing nothing and whats more I dont think he even entered the competition in the first place. The main thing that has been troubling me is not the former, or the state of the world, global monetary problems, the employment crisis? Nope What has been bothering me is why it is that when a store such as Asda to mention no names has a successful item it sells such as lets say the Chicken Enchiladas that they re model them, imagesrepackaged them making them smaller and then almost double the price? What makes it worse is that people are actually buying them again, even if the product is smaller and the dent in our already burdened purse is bigger.



  1. Asda can drink my piss. If I could find another retailer for "Tymbark" Cherry + Apple juice (It's a Polish product which, for some reason, Asda sell), then I'd never have to go in there again.

  2. So quit 'cher belly ache-n and make yer own chicken enchalada's! I DO! It's quite easy and so much better in all ways except you have to get off of your boot and do it, now, go and do the right thing!

  3. I never have to go to Asda again.

    Tesco stock Tymbark.