Sunday, 11 October 2009

Cross Dresser Attack. "Fail"

Warning: This video does contain about 8 seconds of actual violence. You know I dont subscribe to this kind of stuff and certainly dont condone it but this has to be seen, one you have watched it the next think you should do is to point and laugh at the three hard men in e video.

The story line is three drunk men in Swansea attacked two revellers on a night out. As Sky News put it

" Dean Gardner, 19, and Jason Fender, 22, were floored by their intended victims after picking on them in a random attack.

The amazing scene was captured on CCTV in the centre of Swansea, Wales. The footage shows a bare-chested Gardner brazenly marching up to one of the 'victims' who was wearing hot pants and a pink wig. Puffed-up Gardener, followed by Fender, runs up to the innocent reveller, who was dressed up for a stag party and punched him in the face".

The third brave drunk did not take part in the attack. What the three drunks did not know is that the innocent pair they had decided to attack were cage fighters in fancy dress for a friends stag night.

[youtube =]

A lesson to all you who get brave when your drunk I think. You just dont know who a person is or what they do for a living do you. These three certainly didn`t.

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