Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Forum post

I have spent literally all night working on my forum, yes another forum except the difference is that this one is hosted by me not a 3rd party host. This one is mine, all mine (insert manic, evil laugh here). The forum is up and available to everyone who is registered on Nosceres world, if you want to post in the forum but are not registered then register, simples, all you need is a user name and a valid email address, that's it. At the moment I am still looking into if we can post images and the like, if you can then I will be making a gallery section.

Following on, I have also installed an anti spam and bot app called reCapcha so we should not be bothered by too many machines posting random crap about prescription drugs and penis enlargement. On this subject and just to be sure, I am asking those of you who are already registered with Nosceres World to either comment here in my blog or post something in the forum so I can see you are human. Sorry. If I don't see a comment or a forum post in say 7 days I will be deleting your subscription. Again Sorry.

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