Thursday, 10 September 2009

So, about my last post..

Righty oh, explanation time I think. For those of you who have only recently discovered Nosceres I have been blogging for about 4 years now give or take at and only moved away from them about a week ago. However while Wordpress were hosting my blog I was getting around 40-50 new visitors every day depending on my post, when I left wordpress and transferred my domain name and all my posts here some of the links that the search engines look at when they find me (Permalinks I think) were left behind. So in an attempt to get those visitors back I have been trying to figure out a way were I can post my mindless drivel to both my blogs at the same time, and after hours of searching I found the answer in a handy little widget called Cross Post.

Anywho what does this meen to you? In truth, not alot. But it does meen I can post to both my blogs at the same time and with any luck manage to get a few visitors coming from my Wordpress blog to here. There, now you know.

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