Friday, 11 September 2009

Procrastination, I haz it.

I have just spent about an hour looking for different themes for this place and if I am honest out of about 700 that I must have looked at I downloaded erm four I think, even then I doubt I will ever use them except as a backup if this one goes pear shaped. I have also spent about half an hour trying to install something called Buddypress which basically makes your blog look and feel like one of those social network sites, anyway I have downloaded it and then uploaded it into the root folder on the Nosceres World server and then ignored it as I realised I didn`t have a clue how to install the bugger. So in the time old fashion of me, I gave up and started looking for social network themed themes, again to no avail so instead of writing this post I managed to waist about another hour messing about with the applications for the side bars, deleting some add ons I probably spent hours looking for in the first place and now, finally I start typing up the post.

Today is the 11th September 2009 or as most of us now remember the date 9/11, Im not going to go into why we remember this date as most of us, unless you have been hiding in a cave for the past eight years know why, if you dont, Google it. This afternoon we had a minutes silence at work, all the phones were set to busy so we would not be interrupted, fingers were taken away from keyboard, the radio was turned off and on the stroke of 1:45 silence descended on our office. If irony is the right word then ironically our silence was only broken by the sound of an airplane as it passed over our building, it was definitely a thought provoking sound. A minute later heads were lifted and work started over, the atmosphere did change for a time after this.

As some of you might know this blog used to be hosed at, well the origional blog is still there in all its glory after I decided against deleting it. Instead I am going to carry it on but make it more of a personal blog and post less if any muck raking stuff there, appart from the cross posts that come from this place.

Other stuff, I want to say thanks to IT Geek on twitter for tweeting about the twitter being bad for you post I made earlier in the week. On the subject of twitter if anyone out there watched Big Brother 10 this year and heard Marcus saying he is on Twitter but cant find him click here. Well boys, girls and those of you of mixed or no gender thats it for now.

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