Sunday, 13 September 2009

Finding my feet

Well boys, girls and those of you of mixed or no gender Nosceres World has been up and running as a stand alone blog now for one week and one day. i think I have everything just the way I like it, must have been through the available add one a hundred times, some are ok, some are plain crap and others make my blog go pop fizz. Theme wise, like I said in my last post, I must have looked at about 700+ and so far like this one best, simple and fills the screen. Another thing 260px-Sookie (TB)is I am liking being able to look at what people have typed in their search engines to get here and not seeing "Dryad" or "Britney`s crotch", which although both did bring a lot of people to Nosceres World did get boring after a while. Visitors are starting to come in slowly but surely and I think I am getting some subscribers, though I am sure they are spam but there you go, if you are a subscriber of Nosceres World then please let me know your human.

Other stuff.. The weekend is all but done, I have a dental appointment in the morning which I am not looking forward to and another full week of work. I have managed to get some covers for my ear phones so I can listen to my MP3 player on my way to and from work again, yay. Will be nice having something to occupy me on my three hour round trip to and from my place of employment since my son taxed my nintendo DS.. AGAIN!

I have managed to get some advertising going so the £`s will start rolling in as soon as I get 40,000 views or clicks on the advert. Woo cant wait, probably be dead and gone by the time the first payment is made. I have also registered on Blog Top List in another attempt to bring more p [...]

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