Monday, 21 September 2009

Down Time and Out Bound

I dont know if anyone else noticed but Nosceres World went off line last night, I have no idea why. I was working on installing a new gallery had it all ready and was trying to log into the image up loader from my desktop when for no apparent reason it went off line. At the time I think I had about five instances of Firefox open and all of a sudden four of them came up with the error "Connection interrupted. No data found on this page" I swear I nearly touched cloth, I thought I had done something and had deleted the contents of my bit of my hosts server. After much flaying and wailing I decided to log into my FTP via my blogs host website and see if I had broken Nosceres World but my log in timed out, which thinking about it now is a good thing because that meens the host website was down. Anyway I went to bed and got up again this morning and once again checked to see if everything was back up. It wasnt. After seeing my son off I checked again on my mobile while on the bus giong to work and oh joy oh rapture it was back, Yay. Still would have been nice to get an email of something from my host telling me what was going on, or even some kind of message on their website but there you go.

As I mentioned a few lines back I saw my son off this morning. He has gone on a weeks out bound course with his school, he left this morning and will not be back until Friday afternoon. Most parents would be over joyed at having one of their brood go away for a week but I cant help but worry, I know my wife is the same if not worse. This will be the first time he has been away from home for more than a night and even then he would have been at his Nana`s and only five minutes away, that coupled with the fact that he takes medication during the day to help him stay on track and medication on a night to help him sleep. The school has been given a pil box with enough meds for the week.

I dont know if its the fact he has gone away for the week, the other kids he has gone with or [...]

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