Tuesday, 11 August 2009

What I Dont Want

Dont want to be cold anymore,
Yet warmth seems lost from me.
Dont want to be hungry anymore,
Yet food holds no attraction to me.
Dont want to be alone anymore,
Yet i feel ill at eas in company.
Dont want to feel unwanted anymore,
Yet i know, were there is love, there is pain.
Dont want to be without a partner anymore,
Yet I cant find the courage to trust.
Dont want this solitude anymore,
Yet i cant find a way out of it.
Dont want to dream anymore,
Yet its my only form of escape.
Dont want to be a sinic anymore,
Yet, when you live in the jungle you learn to live like an animal.
Dont want to live without you anymore,
Yet you dont know I still care.
Dont want to read anymore,
Yet i am lost without my books.
Dont want my music anymore,
Yet, without a partner, it is the only beauty I can hear.
Dont want to draw anymore,
Yet it is the only beauty I can make.
Dont want to be unemployed anymore,
Yet all i do Work still remains out of reach.
Dont want to be poor anymore,
yet i cant find a way out of it.
Dont want tattoo`s anymore,
Yet it is the only sence of achievement i get.
Dont want to write this anymore,
Yet i must write one more line.
Dont want anymore.

I wrote this poem in the winter of 1994. At the time I was living in a hostel for the homeless. My room had broken windows, the only power it had was the light switch.

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