Friday, 14 August 2009

Water and the lack of it.

Just a quick post while I waite for the kettle to boil some bottled water we got from Hartlepool water board so I can wash the dishes before Igo to bed.

Picture the sceine Im on the bus comming home from work and I get a text from my wife asking me to hurry as something has happened. I get home about 20 minutes later to find that the builders in their wisdom have broken the water main that feeds one half of the street I live on.. My FREAKING half of the street. I got home at about 5:30, its 10:40 ish now and we still have no water. We were given six two letre bottles of water by the water board though, direct from Tesco`s (should have gone to Asda its cheeper there. Anyway the kettles boiled now soI can get the pots washed.

Oh and if you popped by my site today and noticed it had changed, it had, I was buggering abut with the themes before I went out this morning (when we had water). Sorry

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