Saturday, 1 August 2009

The hardest post I have done

Its 12:29on Friday night or Saturday morning, what ever you want to call it, I am typing this with one hand as I try to rock Boo to sleep with the other. She has a clean nappy on, no wind and she has just been fed but for some unknown reason will not settle. I get to type two or three words and have to start pacing the floor again to try and stop her crying. Its 12:40 now so its took me eleven minutes to write the first few lines, this could be the shortest post yet on Nosceres world.
I have been meaning to post something a few times this week but every time I sat down to do it I could not think of what to say or how to start it so I ended up either writing nothing or something which ended up being total crap.
Sshhhh Boo has fallen asleep, lets see if I can finish this post before she wakes up again and with as few spelling mistakes as possible. Right this has been my week.
Monday: I get up at about 5:30 and head off to work, at about 7:00 am I start to sneeze while I am on the 2nd bus (I have to get two busses into work), I get into work for about 7:30 ish, log my computers in, make myself a coffee (black with two spoons of coffee and two spoons of sugar), I sit down and start to work. I have not mentioned but I am still sneezing, my eyes are watering, I can hardly see and the bin beside me is slowly filling with used tishews. At about 8:30 my boss comes in and comes over to see what work we have left in our trays. I tell him I am ok and that its just a touch of hey fever or something. By 9 am the office is just about full, everyone is at work including the Ops manager who seems rather stressed at the amount of sneezing I am doing. She was not the only one, I was rather bored with it too, I think the words “Oh god just kill me now” slipped from my lips a few times. Bearing in mind my office is rather worried at the moment with one of our staff already isolated at home with “suspected” swine flu. At about 10 o`clock or somewhere around that time I was told to go home. I point out that I was told to go home, at no point did I ask or hint that I wanted to go, as far as I was concerned I was fit for work and staying there but this came from the Ops manager and no one argues with her. Ironically by the time I was on the bus my snotting and sneezing had stopped.
Tuesday: I had a holiday booked so I could go to the doctors with my eldest. A few sneezing sessions but not as bad as the day before.
Wednesday: The dental appointment! On this day I had to go to the dentists to get a tooth pulled out, my mother in law kindly came to my house to watch our kiddywinks while my wife gave me a lift to the dentist. The experience was not too bad except for getting a few text messages from my wife, who may I point out was sat next to me in the waiting room asking if I was a brave little boy or if I was Pooing my pants. I dont like dentists at all. Anyway the extraction went according to plan, for some reason the dentist asked me if I wanted to keep my tooth. Of course I said no after all the state of it I doubt I would have got anything from the tooth faery. After I left the dentist I made my way to my place of employment with the left side of my face still numb and my mouth still bleeding. I managed to work as normal until about 2pm when the anaesthetic wore off and the pain kicked in. The worse thing is I have to go back to the dentist in about a months time for a check up which I know is going to lead to another two teeth being pulled. Oh joy.
Thursday: Just a normal run of the mill day. Nothing to report.
Friday: Today, yesterday oh what ever you know what I mean, again just a normal day. I finished work at 4 and got a taxi home as Boo had to go to the doctors for 4:30. She has a rash on her back and chest but no where else. Anyway I booked 22 taxi`s as the last couple of tomes Hudsons taxi`s were either late or did not show up, WHAT A RIP OFF! I usually pay£10 with Hudsons to get my from work to home. 22 taxi`s (who I was told were cheaper) charged me £13.50! Wont be using them again. Anyway we took Boo to the doctors, told him about the rash, even showed him the rash and we were told:
Crap doctor: “its a viral infection, does she have loose stools?”
My wife: “She is 5 weeks old and breast fed so her poo is mainly liquid with bits in”
Crap doctor: “Yes but does she have any loose poo?”
My wife:” Yes but all breast fed babies have loose poo until they move onto solid food”
Crap doctor:” Erm she is fine, call me if she gets worse”
My wife: ” Thank you [under her breath] Think we will ask for another doctor, you dont seem to have a clue”
There you go, my week. This weekend I am planning to find my camera and start taking some pictures again. I have finally got around to sorting out my RSS feed reader so I can catch up on the sites I am subscribed to. Yay about bloody time. Now Boo is asleep. Its 1:42 am so I am off to bed. Night
Note: This post was typed with one hand, in low light (mainly cast from my monitor).


  1. LOL, and to think, Doctors go to school half of their lives to be so stupid.

    I have a 10 month old daughter, that gets that way alot.

    Hang-in there, it gets better.


    Thanks Raven, I know it will get better, as for the doctor. I think he bought his degree`s from Ebay lol

  2. Whew!!! What a whopper of a week. Kind of makes you want to hide in a closet for a while, huh? Hope everything swings more in your favor soon.

  3. Dude, that's an impressive one-handed post. Here's hoping this week is better!