Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Company Dream.

I can watch the streets from far above the madding crowd, 
all I need surrounds me, enclosed in a concreit shroud. 
Trapped in a world that i made, created for my own protection, 
even though company I crave, psycosis reminds me of rejection. 
Screams in an ivory tower are seldom if ever heard, 
by the time they hit the streets, they can be drowned by a whispered word. 
So I submit to solitude and dream of the people I see 
and what it would be like to talk to them,
to have a question answered  from a voice which did not come from me.

I wrote this in 1994, at the time I was living in a small room above a pub. The only technology I had was a radio cassette player.
You Can still be alone in a crowded room.

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