Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Just Gimme the job

Disclaimer: The Author of this post takes no responsability for people feeling down or depressed after reading this post. After all why should I be the only one having a bad day *Snort*.

Im feeling kind of sorry for myself today so I figure why keep it to my self, I have realized that I have been in my current place of employment for nearly a year now. I have seen people come, go, get sacked and threaten to bomb the place because they were sacked. I have also seen people be given full time positions with the company. People who not too long before were quite open in saying they didn’t like the job (I use the term "didn’t like the job" as a nice way of saying what was actually said) and were looking for work else where. People who have no telephone manner and no idea about how to handle a customer, people who do not work as part of a team, only thinking about them selves. I like my job, I do actually enjoy what I do, I have a good telephone manner and am a good team player.. Yet I am still a temp. I was told I was not given a full time place because I had about 2-3 sick days more than the last person to be took on, the person who managed to get Swine flu and get better in 24 hours! "A MIRICLE!!!!" If that were true she should be in a lab somewhere getting her antibodies cloned or something as she is the key. Anyway... I was told that I would be offered a full time permanent type on the next intake which would be in a months time, that was two month ago hmm...

Right rant over, I dont feel any better but there you go. I still have no idea where my camera is which is now starting to get annoying to the point I am getting rather OCD about were it is. At the moment I am having to use the camera on my mobile which to be fare is a 9.1 mp camera the same as the one I cant find, but my wife bought me the camera and I want it.

On a brighter note, if you are following me on Twitter you will know that over the past few days my wife has been taken Lou our Cocker spaniel to visit with a lady Cocker in the hope they get friendly and make little spaniels, we did the same thing last year when she came into heat and just like last year he did nothing, not a thing. I am starting to think he is not into girl dogs or he is just too dumb to realize what is going on. I remember last year when we took him the lady dog was actually stood with her butt to him and brushing up against him and all he did was jump around like a head case.

To end with Im going to do the proud Daddy thing, I was convinced last night that Boo smiled. She was lay in her carry cot quite happily kicking and doing baby stuff, when I noticed she was awake I leaned over the cot and started talking to her, when I told her that if she was going to start were she was just going to lay there quietly I would have to go out and get her a jungle gym or something to keep her occupied. As soon as I said Jungle gym she lay there and gave the biggest smile and whats more it was not a wind smile. I told my wife and the pair of us sat watching her incase she did it again but she didn`t.


  1. Hey i know what you mean matey. It sucks.

  2. Hey i know what you mean matey. It sucks.