Thursday, 6 August 2009

How not to be Subtle

You know when your sat in front of your computer thinking about how to word the post your about to let loose on all those innocent peeps out there on the interwebs, then it comes to you and your mind kind of shuts down and your fingers take over as they hit random keys on your keyboard and your post slowly takes form on the screen in front of you. Marvelous stuff, before too long your finished, you spell check your creation, read it through to make sure it sound as good on the monitor as it did when your fingers typed it, tinkering around with it for a little bit to make it look all pretty and professional. You put your tags on it and put it in the relevant category and then taking hold of your mouse you hover nervously over the publish button, the world seems to slow down and stop... You push your index finger down, a few seconds later your latest piece of literary genius is born for all to read and ponder over as they sip their morning coffee.

Now your post is out there and you,  happy in your creation potter around and get on with your day. No! Wait you have forgotten something, your boss knows about your blog.. Nah that was along time ago when she found out about it, loads has happened since then, she will have forgotten all about it, hasn’t she, hasn’t she? Nope. She hasn’t and she does pop round to your blog every now and then for a read, to see if your posting anything bad about your place of employment and for a general chortle while she drinks her morning cup of tea.
You go into work and do what your supposed to do, later in the day you hear your boss, "Ah just the person, I have been to your website, blog or what ever you call it", your stomach churns suddenly, beads of sweat form on your brow as you turn, all the time trying to think of what your going to say, you feel the bottom of your world start to give way as you remember that the last piece of literary genius was about work.  At this point like every good author/journalist I will stop, leaving all my readers hanging as to what happened next.

The moral of this post is this: SUBLTY is key, if you don’t now how to be subtle in how you describe a person who "might" just be pointed in the direction of you latest creation Google it, Im sure there is a site out there somewhere that will teach you this fine art, there are sites for everything else. (I am still looking for it though).

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