Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Waiting for Boo

Yet another post emailed in. Boo is due next week and the pressure is starting to show a bit on my wife, if you were to ignore the constant indegestion, the weight she is now carrying now, the back pain, not being able to find a comfortable place either sitting or lying down, the sickness, always being tired, the now regular trips to the loo, sleepless nights, not being able to bend down and the smell of most foods making her feel sick she is coping well.
We have been looking for ways to try and start her labour so we can have our daughter NOW! *Stamps his feet* yes I know there is the obvious but if you look at the first paragraph in this post do you realy think it is possible? Anywhoo she is walking almost everywhere now, drinking Raspberry tea, I think she is getting some Pineapple and some Cumin tea today, tried reflexology and massage of the pressure points all to no avail. She even spent about 30 minutes last night chassing Fate our dog up and down the living room to see if that helped, but no, nothing. We have bought everything we need except for the baby to fill them.

On a different note a couple of weeks ago I restarted my account on World of Warcraft and after messing on with various characters have created an Alliance character, bearing in mind I have never played Alliance it is like starting the game from day one again. On a brighter side though because I have a character over level 55 I can make a Death knight which starts at level 55, I made my Alliance death knight last night the sole reason is so he can feed my main alli character with money as well as running hiom through the lower lvl instances so I can get decent gear for him. Easy days with no worries about not being able to afford to pay for my training or my mount at level 30. Its like a whole new game.

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