Sunday, 28 June 2009

Boo Has Arrived

First off I want to apologise for not posting anything foe wooo erm a bit. Anyway as you might have guessed Boo has finally arrived. If you have been following my tweets on Twitter which you can do by clicking here and then selecting “Follow” (Get the hint?) anyway, it all happened on Tuesday just gone, I was at work when I got a call from my wife to tell me her waters had just gone and I should come home “NOW!” so I did, Thanks Z3r0 S0ldi3r for the lift I appreciate it (Now post something!) I get home and my wife is there with my Mother in law and brother in law, everything was going ok with my wife getting contractions about every 15 minutes or so these went one through the afternoon so my wife called the hospital who told her she needed to get there quickly so grabbing her baby bag we headed off, we got to North Teas hospital in a totally different town about 30 minutes or so and a journey down the A19 in mid evening rush hour the later and were given a room in the delivery suit.
We were told by the duty midwife we would not be leaving the room without our baby in our arms, My wifes contractions gradually getting closer together and stronger, 10 minutes, 7 minutes, 5, 4, 3, 20?? this went on through the night untill about 2:30 in the morning when she was finally given some pain relief. At about 8:30 or 9 or something in the morning a surgeon came into the room with a team of his minions in tow, looked at my wifes notes from the night and told her “Hmm Mrs World it seems you are not dilating and have not yet gone into full labour, may I suggest you get mobile and maybe it would come faster” (she had been walking and pacing the room from about 7pm or so until about 4 or 5 in the morning and had only just lay down to get some rest about two hours earlier, Dick) he went on to say “ We have three options here Mrs World, you can stay here and get mobile to try and bring on the contractions, you can go home and be mobile, maybe you could go shopping, you can use your husbands credit card. Or we can give you something to start your contractions off”. We chose to go home.
(Educational bit: Established labour. This is when the hospital say you “are” going to have your baby, you “are”in labour. You can be having contractions and they can be upto 5 minutes apart and the hospitals would still say no your not in established labour unless.. The normal pain killers they would give you Paracetamol, codeine are not giving you any pain relief or you are 4cm+ dilated, anything less and your gonna be waiting. There do you feel educated?)
Anywoo we were told we had to go back to the hospital at 4pm on Friday if Mrs World had not gone into labour (established) and she would be started off. 3pm friday came, at 3:30 we got a lift back down the A19 and were taken to the maternity ward to wait, cutting to the chaise my wife was started off at 7:33 PM, we were taken to the delivery suit at about 8:20 ish by a stereo typical Italian doctor not in a wheel chair or a lift, but told to follow him down the staff stairs to the next floor, my wife in established, bloody painful labour. We get to the delivery suit and Dr, Stereo type tells the duty midwife to get my wife a room FAST as she was a High risk patient! I was all WTF!! High risk? Moving on, at 11:33 exactly four hours later Baby Boo came into the word, just as news broke of the death of Michael Jackson. She weighed 7lb 10.5 oz, had brown eyes which are now blue eyes and dark hair. As is usual I have not posted a picture of her for the same reason I dont post any pictures of our other three. Sorry and all that. Tonight is her first night at home at the moment she is having a feed while my wife watches MIB II.
Watch this space as I, well we are expecting lots of late and sleepless nights.


  1. See, this is what happens when I don't twitterpate, I miss all the good times!! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. World!

    Hehe Thank you Shmode, :) Mrs World says thank you as well

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!

    :) Thank you Mtae Appreciate it

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