Friday, 10 April 2009

No Sleep Till..

Its 4:00 in the morning and I am awake, actually I have not been to sleep yet, little one is full of cold and his cough is stopping him from sleeping so I brought him down stairs to try and getsome sleep as well as let everyone else in the huose sleep. So far I have been down stairs for about 3.5 hurs and while the rest of the house sleeps, including the cats and our dogs he is awake, probably due to the Thomas the Tank engine DVD he has on, with any luck we will get some sleep tomorrow..later today I meen.

Befoe I post this I do have a question that occured to me a couple of days ago. Lou our spaniel is for ever waking around the house with tennis balls in his mouth, he loves them but when he has one in his gob he walks and walks and will not settle, in the end I take the ball off him and drop it out the kitchen window back in the back yard, but a couple of minutes later he has another tennis ball in his mouth without hinm going outside to get it back.. My question is how is he getting the tennis balls and were from as since we have lived in this house (about 13 years) I cant remember "Ever" buying a tennis ball.

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