Wednesday, 22 April 2009

If I had one wish it would be....

A coulple of month ago my eldest went to a project on a friday with a few others from his school, the project was run by the local youth leaders and was run in conjunction with the school. Yesterday my eldest broughthome his certificate from the project as well as some photo`s and the work he done while he was there.

On his first day there he and the others were asked to fill in an "About Me" page. This is my sons About Me. The answers are my sons, word for word



My Family: Mum, Dad brothers

My Pets: 4 dogs 2 cats 15 cold fish

I dont like to: Be made fun of

In my free time I: Play

My Favourite drink: Pop

My favourite food: Noodles

My least favourite food: Corn flakes

Music I like: Caraben

My favourite film is: Yo-gi-go GX

What makes me happy? Fun

My friends are? Nice

If I had one wish it would be? No one picked on me

My heart broke, what do I say? I found out today that he didnt want to show us what he had wrote. I know he is having problems with some of the kids at his school guess it just never occured to me that it is already starting to affect him this way, most kids would have wished for an Xbox, a PS3 or something like that.. Not my eldest...

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