Saturday, 21 February 2009

Perez Hilton Pro Blogger?

So, I was a bit bored today, so I decided to play with Google Reader and see what's going on in the ever moving world of blogs and stuff, I troll through the usual stuff that me feeder thinks I am interested in, pausing for a while around the celebrity gossip bit to see if I can find anything decent to rip to bits. For some reason I stop by Perez Hiltons blog, and look with abject uninterestedness at his latest "professional Celebrity blog" post about the famous and somewhat over exposed Lady Gaga. A collection of pictures taken from her year book.. No Honestly that's all there was. There it is on the left. No I tell you no lies that's it. 
Now you know I am not one to say things out of line or to be outwardly nasty about people but I dont understand how a person can call himself a "Professional Blogger" and only manage to come up with a group of pictures of one of the most hyped singers on the planet and a line or two of text underneath saying. (Linked back to Mr Hiltons professional blog). 
Pretty? So what, if she was not famous you would no doubt walk past her in a crowd and not even notice her, yet now for some reason everybody is talking about her, why? Because the media have decided in their wisdom that she is going to be the next big thing until the next one comes along in the next few month. But anyway Im not posting this because I have any major dislike to Lady Gaga, her music is, well run of the mill but it seems people like her so there you go, my bone of contention is that a person who is supposed to be a professional blogger sees fit to post amateur stuff about a famous person so he meets his post a day quota, no content, just a picture.. For gods sake man I could do that and I blog for the fun of it, for the passion of it.

In fact as you can see Mr Perez "Im a celebrity Blogger" Hilton I managed to make a post with the same pictures of Lady Gaga as you except for one thing, My post has content. You need to take a lesson from the amateurs and go back to your blogging roots and get some passion, get some content.

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  1. Oooooo, purple.
    Hey, now you have a comment quota filled too. I loathe the Perez site too much to go see how little he resembles the average blogger. I am picky in my bloggers though, I stay away from celebrity and political ones and the 'I'm going to the store' ones and prefer to peruse those with meaty lives they are willing to share (or opinions).

    I did go to the store today, wanna hear what we got up to? :p
    Unfortunatelly or fortunatelly I am rather opinionated so its not uncommon for me to go off on a total tangent and make a big political or celeb rant now and then. To be honest if "Anything" catches my eye or ear that I am interested in there is a cghance it will be blogged. :D Nothing is safe. *Insert evil laught here*