Friday, 6 February 2009

Office Gossip

Im tired, my youngest is full of cold and last night was a bad night for us, I think I must have had maybe about two hours sleep if that, Leki didnt have any so you can imagine the tiredness at the moment. Anyway tonight I would like to have what is basically a rant about the gosip that happens in an office environment, I do have my reasons, luckily I dont have internet access in my work place so I have calmed down a tad since this morning. So here we go, oh before I start spitting fire I need to point out that some of the names have been changed to protect the Innocent. 

Those of us who have worked in an office and those of you who have not know only too well that rumours and gossip spread like wild fire in any and all offices. So lets say that Miss P accidentally let it slip that she kind of fancies Mr T while drunk to a work mate, lets call her Miss A, Miss A was not so drunk that she forgot and told Miss H who told Miss D and so on, you get the picture, now one of the affor mentioned Miss` accidentally let it slip and now a third of the office know that Miss P likes Mr T. Of course there is going to be some micky taking and fun made of Mr T who did not know of Miss P`s affections toward him. Mr T took it well and laughed it off but... When Miss P found out her secret was out she unleashed merry hell on most of the office yours truly included on Facebook, now I dont have a face book account as you know so was unable to defend my self. Others from my place of employment do however. There now you are all in the picture. 

For those of you who are not exactly a full member of this world I will try to use little words. If you work in an office you should be made aware that rumours and Gossip are King and Queen, with extra pleasure in said gossip and rumours being found if it involves two or more of the office especially if romance is involved. In any work place an amount of fun making has to be accepted, it builds an harmonious atmosphere and makes the drudgery of the working day more bearable. I am not condoning bullying as you know, I hate that more than brussel sprouts. Saying that the moral of this post is if you like someone you work with or you dont want this person to know you like them let alone a third of the office then "KEEP YOUR FREAKING MOUTH SHUT.. AT ALL TIMES!!" If this is not possible because you cant handle your freaking drink and you do let it slip then get your facts right before you slander innocent people in a public domain were they can not defend them selves! 

There I feel a tad better now. Thank you

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