Thursday, 12 February 2009

Leki`s 20 Week Scan Pt 2

As some of you might know my wife had to go back to the hospital today for another scan so the Sonographer could check all four chambers of little Jelly beans heart. I had to go to work today so couldn't go with her this time, instead Leki`s mom went with her. The good news is all four chambers of JB`s heart are working well with the blood moving in and out of the heart the right way. Once all the checks had been done and everything was given the all clear Leki asked if it was possible to check if Jelly Bean was a little boy or a little girl as last week we could only be 80% sure of its gender as its heal was covering the vital area we needed to see. The Sonographer from what I have been told from Leki had a good prod about with the scan thing they use and this time there was no heel covering anything. Not long after I got a text message from my wife telling me the good news that everything was all right and Jelly bean was not hiding anything this time, she sent me a picture of the scan the one over there on the left so I could see the first "decent" picture of our daughter. Yep the sonographer is 100% that we are going to soon see the pitter patter of little girly feet, our washing machine full of pink frilly stuff. He pointed out the area of the scan were there should be something if Jelly bean was a boy and there was nothing there. Our three boys aren't going to know whats hit them when she starts laying down the law. We already have draws full of clothes for her so, other than a cot (crib) and a pram we have just about everything waiting for her.

As some of you might know I make it a rule that I dont post pictures of my children so the scan picture might be the only picture of Jelly bean you will see, there "might" be a picture of her posted when she is born, I dont know. I will need to talk it over with her mom, dont hold your breath though :).

After three boys I know that Leki was wanting a daughter more than anything, I was as well. Finally I get to be there and bring up my daughter from begining to end, as for the idea of me being over protective over my little girl.. Guh.. Yes I will be, but no more than I am protective of my three boys.

To Leki: Thank you my darling wife for giving us a daughter, I know it was my X chromosome  that did it, but you found it and put it were it had to go, I couldn't have done that. Thank you. XXX


  1. A child is very important to a couple and I salute for not having abortion and they say that it makes a family. So love your children and they are gifts from God.

  2. I do love my children, each and every one of them..

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  4. That is cool...we had one of each and then our third was a boy. My thoughts, hopes and prayers are with your family...

    I post pictures sometimes quickly and then pull them down. I like to keep my identity under the radar...or try to.
    Im not too worried about myself but my kids are different, they dont ask to have their pictures constantly plastered over the internet :D