Monday, 23 February 2009

Elizabeth Wong. Guilty Of Faith Or Politics?

As I said in my last post I have widened my comfort zones, the first thing I have done it to find out what Khalwat is. For those of you who like me have no understanding of Khalwat or the Muslim faith here it is. Taken from The Women`s Aid Orginisation website.

Khalwat: The conditions for Khalwat is provided under the Syariah Criminal Provisions Act, and the circumstances differ from state to state. Generally, as provided by the Syariah Criminal Provisions Act (Federal Territories), Section 27, it entails:

"Any man who is found together with one or more women, not being his wife or mahram; or any woman who is found together with one or more men, not being her husband or mahram, in any secluded place or in a house or room under circumstances which may give rise to suspicion that they were engaged in immoral acts shall be guilty for an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding three thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both."

This means that if you are with a man or woman who is not your legal spouse in a secluded area or confined place, being engaged in "immoral" activity, you can be caught for Khalwat. If convicted, you can be subjected to a fine, or be imprisoned or both. This only applies if you are a Muslim. Source

Now bear with me here for a second. I have been painting the woodwork in the stairs tonight, while I was merrily getting on with the job in hand I was thinking and no, before anyone asks it did`nt hurt. Anyway, it occurred to me that maybe what has happened and is happening is not all about faith and whether or not this law was broken. It is obvious now that Eli Wongs ex partner Hilmi Malek took these pictures and for what ever reason decided to pass them the Malay Mail, I dont know why but he did knowing he as a Malay-Muslim would be subject to Malaysia’s sharia codes. Since this story hit the world on Friday 13th Elizabeth Wong has had no choice in her mind but to resign, cutting short her political career and at the same time possibly ending it, after all who would vote for such a woman? This has possibly discredited the political party Ms Wong was involved with, and at the same time giving the opposition ammunition to use against her former party members. You get were Im going here? Im no longer thinking this is a matter of faith but a matter of Politics, you manage to shut the mouth of a formidable foe, end her career and give yourself a much better chance of being able to remain in office for another Term.

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  1. Malaysian Sabahan24 February 2009 at 02:11

    We should be leave alone and accept her resignation. She committed adultery which is against her own religion. To fellow PR supporter, I am sympathies with her but as a leader she should set good moral to the youngster.

    Being a non Muslim and not from your area I cant honestly say. I cant see were the adultry took plaace as neither were married to another person which is my defenition of adultry, that and lets be totally honest if we filled a room with leaders of our world we would be hard pressed to be able to pick out a handfull who could or are setting a good exampt to our youngsters.