Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Its Not A Yard Sale!

Over the last couple of days we have been having a big clear out. I have totally emptied all the crap and junk we have stored in the Attic space over the last 10 years or so, the spare room is being redecorated and I have not yet hit the out building. The SkipMonday afternoon we had a skip delivered to dump everything in, everything from the attic, the spare room and if I am honest some odd bits of household stuff from the kitchen bin.

A little while after the skip was dropped off we popped into town to get some new step ladders so I could get in and out of the attic faster and with out me breaking my neck in the process. When we got back after about an houror so later our drive gates were open and an old push chair and a travel cot had been taken. This annoyed Leki quite a bit, "If they had knocked on the door and asked if they could have them, I would have seid yes, but to wait until we are out and to sneek in and just take them" she said, and is still saying as we seem to have attrackted some unwelcome visitors in the form of Skip Rats. It seems a couple of times a day now they return and have a bloody good dig through our rubbish, taking old baby gates, vacume cleaners all sorts but only when we are out, which is rather freeky. They are going to have a field day when I get started on the shed this weekend, as the skip starts to get god knows how many empty and half empty pain tins, old bikes as well as other bits I find in there. Mind you I am very tempted not to clean the back yard for a day or so then clean up a days worth of dog poo into a bag and put that in the skip under some of the usual stuff.

So Yes my neighbours, Noscere and her Royal Highness The Lek of Leki`s Land are having a clean out, if your so interested in our junk then ask, dont just take it. Its not a bloody Yard Sale! Oh and no you cant put it on Ebay selling it as Nosceres old comb or Leki`s old toothbrush, that just will not do.


  1. The neighbour rented a skip a few months back. I happened to have my webcam pointing out of the window, when 2 pikeys turned up in a big white tranny (no, not that type of tranny) and pinched a clearly broken TV, which had been out in the piss-rain for a good few weeks.

    Many, many moons ago, we had another broken telly, which had been acquired somehow, it was
    placed in the alley for when the council skip turned up (remember those?). This telly was one of your "first colour TV" monstrousities, with a casing made out of the highest quality veneered chipboard and nicotine-stained "silver" decoration

    A couple of weeks later, there was a knock on the door... some chav asking if he could have the telly. Obviously, the answer was no.

    Next thing, we look out the window, and there he is, running down the street with it in his arms.

    Amusingly, it was completely dead and had been used by Daddykins to steal parts out of. Everything salvageable had been removed. In fact, I'd probably hazard a guess and say that even the fuse had been taken out of the plug. The only thing intact was the tube.

    Wonder what happened to it.

  2. I tried this, but it didn't seem to help. I got rid of everything of mine that wasn't bolted down. My wife, on the other hand...nearly sat the whole thing out and things look the same now as they did then. Her stuff and just grown into the spaces that used to be mine.

    I can't win.