Saturday, 24 January 2009

Dog Food, We Founds It..

I was going to write something thought provoking and critical about how we are now officially in a recession, I was also going to point out that I know now why no one was willing to upset China in the 2008 Olympics, It seems they have been lending money to America and probably the UK for years so as well all know, its not a good idea to upset the bank manager. I was also going to have a go at our fantastic Prime minister Gordon Brown for his attempts of tracking down the cause of the financial problems in the UK (and before anyone says it, I know it cascaded from the housing collapse in America), tracking it back to our last Chancellor of the exchequer who should have seen the signs and took actions, oh No hang on, the last chancellor was, erm Gordon Brown. But anyway I cant be bothered with having to look into the recession and the ways round and out of it. So.. I wont.

There were a few things I wanted to say today, been thinking weather to just call Utterli and say what I wanted to say or actually sit and type it. But now that I am in front of the computer I honestly cant think of any of them.  DSC00090 So instead I am going to post a picture I took this morning of the dog food that I forgot to put away last night, leaving it out over night and in sight of our two cats, who took full advantage of my failing mind, at least they did leave some for the dogs tonight I guess, a lesson learned the next time we get webbox for the dogs, PUT THE BUGGER AWAY.

Truth is I am getting a cold so my head is banging and I feel like crap, Leky is full of cold as well, that and the morning sickness is really starting to take its toll on her. Our youngest is full of cold and his two big brothers are coming down with it as well I thing.

Ok I am going to have to leave it there for now, the cherubs are starting to act up, its tea time and they are wondering why I am sat here and not sorting out their tea.
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