Monday, 22 December 2008

Warner Brothers and Happy Birthday

Users of video-sharing site YouTube can no longer post clips of themselves singing Happy Birthday because of a copyright row.

Ok I know its about as dumb as it could get. It seems that somehow Warner Brothers own the copyright to "Happy Birthday too you" so it is now a breach of copyright legislation to post clips of yourself singing this song. The question is when its your son`s, daughter`s Moms or who ever`s birthday and everyone gathers round and sings to them as we have for years and years and so on, we record it on our mobile phones, camcorders etc and post it will we be breaking the law? Yes. I can understand Warner brothers spitting thier dummy out of the pram if an agreement with Youtube has not been met, they might want to pull footage of thier slaves.. Stars, far enough but it reminds me of the little boy who throws a tantrum and takes his ball home.. "Your not doing as I ask so you cant play footage of my slaves, stars! .. Oh, and and and You cant record yourself singing Happy Birthday to you either and and post it.. SO THERE!!"

As a sign of myopinion on this matter of course I was going to do just that, record myself singing the song and post it on Youtube, but due to cercumstances beyond my control (As well as my three kids, well to be acurate, my three kids) I could not make the video. Not a cop out I couldnt do it... Yet. So instead I will post the lyrics to said song.

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday dear [insert name here]

Happy birthday to you.

To end what do you think would happen if Coke Cola were to get arsy about Santa Claus, after all he is their property. You think they would charge royalties on every movie made which Santa started in? Would they file a lawsuit against Dimension Films, the company who created the movie Bad Santa for liable? Or would they withdraw Santa (As Warner Bros have done with Youtube) and cancel Christmas?

Just a thought.

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  1. That whole thing is just wrong. I get the royalty portion of the music business, but c'mon. This is a bit much. You will notice not a lot of birthday singing on TV or in movies because of this same thing...