Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Last Post of 2008

With the last day of 2008 upon us both my wife and I decided we would brave a trip into town to shop. First off we took the three kids of Apocalypse to the local hair dressers to get their hair cut, a trip I usually dread and today was no different. We turned up at the hairdressers which was open, Leky stayed in the car and I trooped into the salon with my cherubs in toe, the queue was`nt that bad and we were in and out in about 30 minutes or so, this session not as bad as I expected.

We met up with the boys Nana outside Morons supermarket who agreed to take them back home with her so we could nip into town to get a few bits in, our first port of call was Clarks shoes were I intended to buy some new boots. To my supprise they had not one pair, only shoes. Next was Primark for a few dresses, socks and what have you for my wife, I took a look in the Mens area in the hope of maybe picking up one or two bits for myself, the obligatory 5 pack of black socks went in the basket followed by a pair of washed out denim jeans which came with a white belt which had a rather cool looking cow skull type buckle for £12, Bargain I thought and in my size 32 waist, 32 leg, once my wife had picked up the bits she wanted we payed the man at the crouded till and made our way to the next stop, a computer game store to see if we could find a game that we could play on the Wii that didnt have Supper Mario or Sonic involved, after a couple of minutes I had payed for my chosen game and merrily made my way out of the store Soulcalibur Legends clutched tightly in my hand. A few more shops later and we made our way back to the car. After calling into Netto to pick up a few bits and my Murphys Stout we headed back to Leky`s Moms to collect the kids.

Back at home I nipped up stairs to put on my new jeans with the cool cow skull buckled belt and to my horror they were TIGHT, no it cant be, for countless years I have been a 32 waist and now.. Well now my 32 waist has left me, gone and it didnt even say good bye. For the first time in god knows how many years I am going to have to return a pair of trousers because they are too small. Worst of all was when I looked down to see the belt buckle I couldnt see it as the overhang from my stomach was in the way.

Now with 4 1/2 hours left of 2008 I am sat by my computer pondering the meaning of life, 2008 and how come I managed to acquire middle age spread without noticing until today. Oh well, think I will have to go all the way now and grow a big bushy beard, purchase an Arron jumper or cardigan and start listening to folk music while drinking Real ale.. Hang on a minute I already listen to folk music while drinking real ale!   Gah Bugger!

Oh well again. Hope you all have a happy and prosperous 2009.


  1. No you bloody well wont grow a beard or 2009 will bring you a divorce. I like the bald chin look
    happy 2009 hubby love you loads cant wait to spend another year with you.

  2. My attempted beard growth killed all "adult games" in this house. I caved, but really wasn't too fond of the thing either. I made it for almost a month.

    I made it up to a 32 and got rid of my 30s. Then I decided to start running again and I am swimming in the 32s.