Saturday, 27 December 2008

Nosceres World 2008 an Overview

I have just been looking at the posts that I have made over the past year, the first thing I noticed was the lack of posts I have been making, not that there has been not alot going on this year because there has been. Maybe its apathy on my part or just laziness I dont know,  think I need to start taking my camera out and get back into the blogging frame of mind again, maybe its going to have to be one of my New Year resolutions.. Post More.

Over the past year we have seen Geremy Beadle die in January from pneumonia, in April we found Mark Speigh in Paddington Railway station, Amy Whinehouse unbelievable survive another year, Industrial action by the Job centre staff, erm me start with random podcasts, might pop a couple more of those out in the new year, what else has happened? My wife gets followed home by a random lurcher and apart from a three week stay in an animal rehousing centre made her self at home here and now spends her time prowling the house looking for chocolate, Oh oh a Penguin receives knighthood at Edinburgh zoo in August, The Olympic shames games came and went with all kinds of weird and wonderful ways created to win, I got back in touch with my daughter after about 22 years. Oh yes and America elects Barack Obama. The world goes into a global economic melt down and the key word for 2008 seems to be "Credit Crunch" with scores of well known companies going tits up. Scribbler from Mercury Vapour managed to live past 28 years old, (Ask him about it). And Christmas came, cost a fortune and went just as fast.

All in all an interesting eventful year, I would have remembered alot more and this post would have been a whole lot bigger if I had bothered to post more. Maybe 2009 with any luck.

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