Saturday, 6 December 2008

Christmas lights and my New Mobile.

Well boys, girls and those of mixed or no gender, its that time of year again. A time of cheer and good will to all, (especially the retailers and your bank manager). Once again Hartlepool town council have outdone them selves again with the street lights and festive decorations, No, wait, sorry, I am wrong, they have used exactly the same street lights and decorations that they have used for the past thirteen years. I might be wrong but the streetlights might even have been put on exactly the same lamp posts as they did last year and the year before that, and the year before that and so on.

I have just been looking at some past posts I have made to see if I had already posted some pictures of our fabulous Christmas lights but I couldnt find any, even went to Mercury Vapour thinking Scribbler is bound to have some pictures but no. Something I did notice is that my avatar seems to have changed from the oragutang back to my old one of me with gaffa tape over my mouth, Oh well, I kind of liked that one anyway so, for now it stays, another thing is the pictures from some of my old posts are missing, no idea why. I could try and find the ones that are missing and put the pictures back in place but to be honest trolling through three years of posts looking for missing pictures doesn't appeal to me right now, but it does give a very nice link to the new mobile phone I have c905, the Sony Ericsson C905. A nice little phone which comes with the now obligetory software CD containing the phones PC suit which claims lots of toys including contact, email and text message sync. Only thing is this the PC suit actually works. So if you ever get a text message you like and want to keep, all you need to do is plug your C905 into your computer access the messages and move it over, or failing that you could always send it to me at 0750.. hm yeh right like Im going to give you lot my number.

My brother in law strangely enough has the same phone as me. Now he is a bit of a gadget freak, so if there was an issue with it he would find it and the only fault he has with the phone is he thinks the keyboard feels a bit flimsy and may break, especially if your a text freak and likely to use it alot. Other than that he likes it so it cant be all that bad.

Now most mobiles these days have a camera of sorts in it as well as a video camera so you can capture those Youtube moments that happen once and a while and the C905 is no different with an 8mp camera which takes pretty good pictures, but I have found that it does have problems taking pictures in the dark or low light which you would think would make it useless if you are planning to take your new toy phone out partying with you but once again those clever boffin's at Sony Ericsson have thought of that with a camera feature called Fix photo which will combat all those dark night club pictures we all end up with. And so you can see what I mean I just so happen to have a before and after moment. DSC00044 Both the pictures below were taken at about 7:30 am ish.  DSC00045The one on the left is the original photo and the one on the right is after fix photo, I did have the option to fix it again, making it even lighter but didnt. The phone also came with a nifty little adapter that you can pop your memory card in, pushing the adapter into a USB slot so you can get your pictures that way if you cant be arsed to install the software. The video part I have not tried, mainly because my laptop didnt have the codec I need to play video`s taken from my old Sony Ericsson, So I am sticking with my trust camcorder for that part (Poxy Windows Vista). So there you have it, from the bog standard thirteen year old Christmas lights to my new mobile all in one post. Oh if anyone who actually works for Sony Ericsson actually reads this post can I have some nice freebies please for such a good and free write up of your phone.. Please.


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  3. OOh lots of lights. *I hang my head in shame Scribbler* Thanks :D