Sunday, 9 November 2008

Horror and the Weird.

As usual this morning I managed to grab five minutes to log into my site and check my stats, looking once again to see who is comming to visit Nosceres World and what they are typing into thier search engines to get here. Once again it seems to be the usual stuff of weird pictures as well as other wierd and wonderfull stuff, mainly pointing at things out of what most would call the norm. Strange considering I never intended this site to be a hub of the wierd and wonderus side of life and if I am honest cant remember posting mainly about this subject. Anyway I clicked on back and had a quick look at what blogs are making their mark at the moment when I came across this little gem Joshua Hoffine Horror Blog, he is a photographer who builds sets and takes photo`s of a more macabre side of life and our dreams, if you like this stuff as I do you must check it out. I have been a fan of horror since I can remember from the first time I hid behind the couch when a frozen husky fell out of a freezer in John Carpenters movie The Thing. So there I think I have catered for those of you who like the weird and wonderful side of life. I will be adding Joshua`s blog to my blog role, if anything just so I get to see his next project which is (At the time of writing this called Bubble bath).

There I have had my free advertising moment and can carry on with my Sunday. Seems my youngest is a pirate today and walking round the house shouting "AARR, AARRR"..