Saturday, 4 October 2008

Geldof 'throws strop at store launch' - Digital Spy

Peaches GeldofPeaches Geldof has pulled out of a DJ gig for a House Of Fraser launch in Ireland. Witnesses claimed that the socialite threw a strop after she was asked to pose for photographs at the event last night.

Geldof's DJ gig was the headline slot at the store, but she arrived one hour late for her photocall and requested that pictures were only taken of her behind the decks. However, after a conversation with her personal assistant, Geldof changed her mind, walked out of the store and was driven away. "It is not just disappointing for us; it is very disappointing for the customers too," said promotions manager Lisa Moran. "She just didn't seem comfortable. She is a young girl and these things happen."

Showbiz - News - Geldof 'throws strop at store launch' - Digital Spy

Hmm Peaches throws a strop, lets think for a moment shall we, appart from being famous because she is Bob Geldofs daughter what exacly does she do? Ahh she is a Socialite, and there for needs to be seen in the media to make her feel important and popular.. Defined by Wiki pedia as...

Socialite: A socialite is a person who is known to be a part of fashionable society because of his or her regular participation in social activities and fondness for spending a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained. Some socialites may choose to use their social skills and connections to promote and raise funds for various charitable or philanthropic activities. Socialites are usually in possession of considerable wealth, inherited or self-made, that can sustain their steady attendance at social functions. Their social movements have been published in the UK's Tatler magazine and they might be listed in features such as the Social Register of the United States. Source

Defined by Nosceres World as

Socialite: A socialite is a person who is known to be... A person, mainly female who lives off Daddys money.. Parties, throws tantrums and does little if anything else of use to society.

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