Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Olympic Shames 2008

To win the right to host these Games, China promised to honor the Olympic ideals of nonviolence, openness to the world and individual expression. Those promises were systematically broken, starting with this spring’s brutal repression in Tibet and continuing on to the ugly farce of inviting its citizens to apply for legal protest permits and then arresting them if they actually tried to do so.

Along the way, government critics were pre-emptively rounded up and jailed, domestic news outlets tightly controlled, foreign journalists denied full access to the Internet and thousands of Beijing’s least telegenic residents were evicted from their homes and out of camera range. On Friday, the Chinese police confirmed that six Americans protesting China’s rule in Tibet had been sentenced to 10 days of detention.

Editorial - Beijing’s Bad Faith Olympics - Editorial -

Now to evicted people from their homes and out of camera range as well as everything else the Chinese government has done and no doubt is still doing is a blatant infringement of Human Rights and what is more the world and the IOC is letting it go ahead without saying a word. Am I the only one who can see this?

On top of this China has shown during the Olympics that it is willing to do anything to look good in the eyes of the worlds mediaarticle-1043806-0240898700000578-674_468x286, anything from using 3D computer graphics in the Olympic opening ceremony to replacing the solo singer at the last minute "because her voice was deemed not good enough, while the girl who did sing was not considered pretty enough", so Yang Peiyi was forced to sing somewhere were the world could not see a less than perfect little girl.

And now that the Olympics are under way it seems they have done it again by allegedly having five "children" who are 14 years old in their gymnastic squad, after the government has falsified their birth certificates and other documents so they would be able to compete in the games. In regards to this latest incident by the host country the IOC said "Any move to disqualify the Chinese gymnasts on the basis that they are too young, would shock and disappoint the Chinese, who have gone out of their way to put on a perfect sports showcase for the world".... Bollocks!! They have not gone out of their way.. Well ok they have by cheating and lying from before day one. The way some are saying we can determine the true age of these children is with X-rays.

The science of determining age is has been honed by decades of treating patients with growth disorders, identifying youthful homicide victims and determining the deportation status of illegal immigrants."It would be relatively easy," said Dr. David Senn, a forensic odontologist at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center who has analyzed numerous X-rays of immigrants apprehended at the border. Source. But whether someone has the bravery to go against the Chinese government and do this is another matter, after all we dont want to upset them do we?

All in all this years Olympics has proven one thing, China is no longer the honourable country it claims to be, honour has been put to the side for vanity and greed.  I think we should look at the 2008 Olympics as a lesson on how not to host the games. We will wait until 2012 when Great Britain host the games as a lesson on how to do it correctly. I am not saying it will be perfect and faultless buy there will be no computer generated opening ceremony, no lip syncing or hiding those who are not very photogenic.

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