Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Suspended for having sex.

While browsing the net looking for something to write about I found a story how two office workers have been suspended for having sex at an office party. Here is how the Telegraph printed their account, with comments suplied by me of course.

Two office workers were suspended after they spent 20 minutes having sex at a partly-frosted window, unaware that a crowd had gathered to watch below. The naked pair could not hear the cheering from the group of dozens of passing workers, taxi drivers, and at least two police community support officers, but continued undeterred. The staff were from a company called Unity Partnership, which is contracted by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council to improve public services.

Only when one of the PCSOs took the decision to alert the pair's managers did they stop. The incident, which started at 10.30am on Friday, was not logged with police and it is thought the pair were given a verbal reprimand by the officer. Lee Robinson, managing director of Unity Partnership, said he was "aware of an incident involving two of our employees". He added: "While the details of the incident are still emerging, we want to make it clear that Unity takes this matter very seriously. "The two individuals concerned have been suspended pending a full investigation. We do not wish to comment further, since to do so would prejudice the investigation." Jackie Stanton, the deputy council leader, added: "We expect Unity staff to share the same values and code of conduct as council colleagues and so are very concerned about these allegations. "However, we are satisfied that Unity are following the right procedures in dealing with this and that they will take appropriate disciplinary action against the individuals in question if the allegations prove to be correct."

Noscere Says: Obviously, considering they were witnessed by possibly dozens of Taxi drivers, passers by and two Police officers the allegations will be proven correct. Personally I cant see how Unity can look badly on a little bit of employee bonding as these two were obviously getting to know each other better. As long as there were no 3rd partys involved, they are both consenting adults and they work for a company called "Unity Partnership" Whats the problem? I think the company taking such a serious view on this is going to cause the company more harm than if they just kept it quiet and had a quiet word with those involved about being discrete in the future.

Full story here

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