Sunday, 17 August 2008

Rebuilding bridges

I finally done it this morning, my Mom died about four years ago, at her funeral I met my aunts, uncles and cousins. Most of them I had not seen or been in contact with since I was about five or six, after the service I did manage to talk with a few of my relatives for a while, I remember being told that we should get back in contact and that if i had any questions about what happened when I was a kid, these are the people I should ask as they are all from my moms side. I took their email address and of course over time lost them without putting them in my address book.

Anyway, time passed by and I managed to get back in touch with my daughter which got me thinking more about my past, of course she is going to have questions about me and my past, she is not the only one, i have no doubts that my three boys will have questions about their Dad as well as Tracy, I know she has questions. So I got in touch with my little sister who has given me the email address of my Moms big sister. I must admit when I was writing the email to my Auntie I had no idea what to say, But the email was sent this morning. Now I wait, nervous. Well Im bound to be, I might be getting back in touch with people I have seen once I think in about 30+ years.

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