Thursday, 14 August 2008

Meeting two.

Yesterday as I said in an earlier post Tracy and me were off to Newcastle for our second meeting with Stacey. The night before we both trolled through our photo collection trying to find some pictures of us both, after a couple of hours we had managed to narrow our collection down to about eight or so half decent photos which we put in an envelope and put into a bag so we wouldn't forget them. Calum and Keith managed to con their Nana into letting them sleep at hers that night so we had plenty of uninterrupted time to get our selves organized as Conor had managed to spend almost all night until his bed time on his PS2.

Yesterday morning came and we started getting ready to take Conor to his Nana's, once ready I took Fate our lurcher for a walk to make sure her bladder etc was empty. Then for reasons I dont want to go into instead of heading out for the 10 am train after we dropped Conor off we went to our local A&E were we stayed until about 10:40, once let out and given a half hearted all clear we called Tracy's brother who gave us a lift to the train station just in time to catch the 11:00 train. The journey took about 50 minutes or so, arriving at Newcastle we done our usual toilet stop when we found our all clear as given from our local hospital was wrong. We met with Stacey and her boyfriend and explained what was going on, saying we would have to basically head back home on the next train which was due in about 30 minutes. We went to Burger king and all got a Hot chocolate, I had a cup of tea which was horrid, talked for a bit and exchanged photos. Stacey had included a letter giving a brief account of what had happened in her life. I didnt take any pictures, after about 25 minutes we headed to platform 5, hugged each other and returned back to our home town.  We have all said that when we next meet we are going to have our kids with us, giving Stacey a chance to meet her little brothers and my three a chance to meet their big sister and their nephews and niece. It will also mean Tracy and I can meet our grandchildren.

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