Friday, 15 August 2008

Hope for arthritis vaccine 'cure'

Hope for arthritis vaccine 'cure'. A single injection of modified cells could halt the advance of rheumatoid arthritis, say UK scientists. The Newcastle University team is about to start small-scale safety trials of the jab, which will hopefully stop the immune system attacking the joints. The Arthritis Research Campaign, which is funding the project, said if successful the treatment would be "revolutionary". It could be fully tested and available within five years.

BBC NEWS | Health | Hope for arthritis vaccine 'cure'

Noscere Says: Now before you start to build up your hopes, consider this. I know that at sometime in the past I have writen about this but in light of this announcment I feel it needs to be said again.

Most if not all tests done on animals weather it be pharmasutical or cosmetic have given inconclusive results, some of the products have still made it to the chemist sheves (mainly because of the amount of money spent on these tests. The reason why these tests have failed is because animals are different from humans (duh). Most diseases that humans get animals done, which means that when a disease is introduced to an animal the expected effects either dont manifest themselves or manifest in a different way than if they were introduced to a human host. The disease’s have to be genetically modified so that the animal host will accept them, so bearing this in mind once a cure for the disease has been found it still is no good for human support, mainly because the the disease they have found a cure for will cure any Bunnies which have this ailment.

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